Mini-reviews 30: Nouveau, Napa Cellars, Vieux Papes, Honker

Reviews of wines that don ?t need their own post, but are worth noting for one reason or another. Look for it on the final Friday of each month:

? Georges Dub uf Beaujolais Nouveau 2011 ($8, purchased): To quote a regular visitor here, "Better than it has been, but not better enough to buy again." Not as much ripe banana as usual, but still more juice than wine.

? Napa Cellars Merlot ($22, sample): Two or three years ago, these wines did not impress; today, with a little aging and a change in winemaking styles elsewhere, it's a winner: correctly tannic, with black fruit and even a bit of earthiness. Missing is the sweet fruit so common in these wines today.

Vieux Papes Blanc de Blancs NV ($6, purchased): You get what you pay for — thin with a bit of green apple and not much else. Think of it as the French version of Two-buck Chuck.

? Cerruti Cellars Honker Blanc 2010 ($14, sample): California sauvignon blanc that would make a nice $10 wine but costs $4 more. Well crafted and clean, with some lime and tart apple.

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  • By TiaG - Reply

    Love your reviews! Thank you!

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