Is the Kuvee wine gadget as “ridiculous” as it seems?

kuvee wine dagetWatch the Kuvee wine gadget video, and decide for yourself

So what’s worse? The Kuvee wine gadget, which costs at least $150 and makes wine more expensive and more difficult to drink? Or a video review of the gadget that plays into every stupid wine stereotype?

The video is probably the lesser of two evils, since it calls the gadget “one of the most ridiculous Internet of Things products yet.” But it’s still painful to watch – a grown man drinking wine through a straw? Check it out below (via The Verge on You Tube, using a Creative Commons license) .

The Kuvee is a sleeve that fits over a proprietary metal wine bottle, which you have to buy separately from Kuvee and which is supposed to keep the wine fresher longer. The Kuvee sleeve is Wi-Fi connected, so that when you slip it over the metal bottle, it tells you what the wine is, offers tasting notes, and gives you a chance to order more wine. In other words, almost everything the back label does without spending $150 and being forced to buy wine from Kuvee.

Regular visitors here know how much I love technology, and that I appreciate how it makes our lives easier. What I do with the blog is more or less the equivalent of publishing a magazine every day, and technology has made that possible.

But the Kuvee isn’t about making anyone’s life easier. It’s about selling someone something they don’t need to enjoy wine, using technology as the come on. Is it any wonder I am so cynical about the wine business?

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3 thoughts on “Is the Kuvee wine gadget as “ridiculous” as it seems?

  • By BWE - Reply

    The Kuvee is the Juicero of the wine world:

    • By Wine Curmudgeon - Reply

      Well said. This idea strikes me as one of things that is going to “disrupt” something, even if it’s not necessary.

  • By Bob Rossi - Reply

    I have about 300 bottles of wine in my cellar but none of them are wi-fi compatible. I really need to get this device. No, wait, I’ll buy another cases of wine instead.

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