The John Cleese Fawlty Towers guide to restaurant wine service

The really funny part? That Cleese’s 42-year-old bit is still sadly accurate when it comes to restaurant wine service

A waiter opening wine by holding the bottle between his thighs? Yep, have had that happen. A waiter unable to use a corkscrew to open the bottle? Yep, have had that happen. A waiter arguing about whether the wine was flawed? Yep, have had that happen.

This scene, from the Hotel Inspectors episode of Fawlty Towers’ first season in 1975, is as relevant today as it was then. And, in his comic genius, John Cleese may know why so many us have given up on restaurant wine in the second decade of the 21st century. Not only does it cost too much, but too many restaurants still don’t care one way or another about wine service.

Video courtesy of holmleighnyd via YouTube, using a Creative Commons license

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3 thoughts on “The John Cleese Fawlty Towers guide to restaurant wine service

  • By Khris - Reply

    This is one of my favorite Faulty Towers scenes. Classic.

    Add to the list of cringe-worthy wine service: waiter trying to use a corkscrew to remove a screwcap, waiter not knowing the cork would pop out of a bottle of sparkling wine, and a waiter asking me to open the bottle because he didn’t know how to.

  • By Hank - Reply

    Wonderful scene as only Cleese could pull off. Classic stuff, and unfortunately, so apt to many a restaurant experince. This wine is corked! Well, of course it’s corked – I just removed it. Didn’t you wee me just now?

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