If you thought winespeak was bad, how does potspeak sound?

If you thought winespeak was bad, how does potspeak sound?The Wine Curmudgeon, whose crusade against winespeak has been a cornerstone of his work, can only shake his head and sigh. Call it an example of the law of unintended consequences — legalized marijuana in Colorado may well bring with it product reviews written in potspeak.

Or, as the humorist Garry Trudeau imagines it: “This limited-edition artisanal cannabis delivers an unexpectedly smooth high, with just a touch of paranoia. …”

I cringe as I edit this. Artisanal? Limited-edition? Where have we read those before? And how did Trudeau overlook the possibility of “boutique” weed? Or that that the toke had hints of cypress and evergreen with spicy overtones?

What’s next for legalized dope? Scores? A terroir debate? The Potstream Media? The Marijuana Spectator? Blogs called Potography and 1 Dope Dude? Or, and let me warn anyone who thinks of this, because I have lawyers on standby, The Maryjane Curmudgeon?

6 thoughts on “If you thought winespeak was bad, how does potspeak sound?

  • By Sean McElgunn -

    You forgot – cat’s pee” LMAO!!!

  • By Harry Oldman -

    Well, I for one think this would be a great development. Those stoners are going to be so high on that wacky tobacky that they’ll need some advice on what strains to spend their parents’ hard-earned money. Pot speak will do for the reefer industry (allow clear choices through all the haze) that the Bob-father did for the wine industry (buy the best wines without ever having to taste them). I’m three puffs on that (now that makes me want to start the Colorado’s Ganga Connoisseur Weekly…)!

    • By Wine Curmudgeon -

      Harry, I guess my pal Kyle didn’t change the password on his computer, so you were able to leave a comment. I’m going to have to remind him to change it regularly from now on.

  • By Mary -

    I luv it! THis opens up an all new industry…

    My hubby has always said he wanted to do Cannabis (or whatever you wanna call it) tours around the world…uno, set up tours to taste pot in different parts of the world. Then potspeak would be a most definitive tool in “tastings”.

  • By Chicago Pinot -

    I don’t (currently) inhale, but I am very curious who will emerge from Mari-Culture as its Robert Parker, its Alice Feiring, its Gary Vaynerchuk, etc.

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