Idaho understands regional wine marketing

The Wine Curmudgeon, despite regional wine’s tremendous success in so many other areas, still despairs about local wine’s inability to market itself. The preferred method remains wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’ that the Winestream Media will take pity and announce to the world that it’s OK to drink local wine. Which will happen when the Wine Spectator hires me to eliminate scores from its reviews.

Fortunately, the Idaho wine business understands this. The Idaho Wine Commission recently released a marketing video that does pretty much everything that regional wine marketing should do. It’s subversive, it’s funny, and it sells the product on its own merits without the usual local wine marketing foolishness — appeals to snobbery, invoking Napa Valley, and using phrases like world class. Plus, it only cost $7,000 to produce.

The video is about a minute too long, but that doesn’t mean it’s not effective. Would that Texas, where the current idea of wine marketing is to do none at all, made something this clever with the only criticism that it’s too long. The video is below, and marvel that no one thought of something like this before.

2 thoughts on “Idaho understands regional wine marketing

  • By Don -

    Being a South Dakota winery, I LOVE this.

  • By Andy Harris -

    This is one of the best marketing videos produced by a government entity I have ever seen. Funny, totally lacking in the typical hype, and on target.

    I was born and raised in So. Idaho so the potato references were particularly amusing. I currently own a small winery in San Diego County, where it is difficult if not impossible to get the County government behind the new wine industry.

    I’d sure trade idiotic Calif. government for some of that Idaho ‘backward’ thinking.

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