How desperate is Big Beer?

big beerHow desperate is Big Beer to regain its stranglehold on U.S. beer drinkers? So desperate that it’s not enough to mock craft beer; now, even chardonnay is seen as a threat, and that has never been the case in the history of the United States. Beer consumption has outpaced wine since before we were a country.

Nevertheless, Miller Lite came up with this commercial, which says that women should take its product to a chardonnay event. My guess is that wine is seen as a Millennial drink, and someone found a study that said Millennials are forgoing Big Beer for wine. Perhaps one of our visitors with ad agency experience can explain why chardonnay is a target, given that old white guys drink Miller Lite.

For all of my ranting about Big Wine, it has never done anything this stupid. The commercial is below — what were they thinking?

2 thoughts on “How desperate is Big Beer?

  • By Darcy -

    I think they’re courting the younger “edgy” girl who is too cool for wine that the other “stuffy, boring” people are drinking, that she’s breaking tradition of “old” people bringing wine to women’s events.

    • By Wine Curmudgeon -

      I think the explanation pretty much sums up how sad the ad is.

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