Hoarding toilet paper and what it says about us in the time of the coronavirus

toilet paper
This is where the toilet paper wasn’t on my trip to a Dallas Kroger on Thursday morning.

Is hoarding toilet paper really the best way to fight the disease?

How screwed up is this country at this place and time, even though the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is barely here? So screwed up that the best advice I’ve heard came from a couple of sports radio hosts, who are hardly the source one would expect. They told their Dallas audience on Thursday morning to ignore everything they hear and read about the illness unless it comes from an expert – and no, Twitter trolls do not count as experts.

Yes, this has nothing to do with wine. But I just got back from my local Kroger, and the picture with this post is where the toilet paper should be. How did we get to the point where our reaction to a global crisis is to horde toilet paper? When that happens, someone needs to say something, and I’ve never shirked that responsibility.

This is the United States, and we’re supposed to be the best and the brightest and to set an example for the rest of the world. That was the point of our experiment in self-government 244 years ago; as Benjamin Franklin put it: “Our cause is the cause of all mankind….

Instead, we’re hording toilet paper.

We should be leading the fight against the Coronavirus (COVID-19), not banning travel from Europe. Talk about locking the barn door. The virus is here – banning travel isn’t going to make it go away or slow its spread. That’s what makes a pandemic a pandemic. Instead, we should be spending the time and energy and money we’re wasting on the travel ban for testing kits and medical supplies, and for research to understand what this thing is, and how it spreads, and how to contain it.

But we’re hording toilet paper.

Says one leading scientist: It’s “clear from genomic evidence that community spread is occurring in Washington state and beyond. That kind of distortion and denial is dangerous and almost certainly contributed to the federal government’s sluggish response. … Transmission rates and death rates are not measurements that can be changed with will and an extroverted presentation.”

Hopefully, we figure this thing out sooner rather than later. Until then, people will die. But not to worry, right? We’ll have enough toilet paper.

5 thoughts on “Hoarding toilet paper and what it says about us in the time of the coronavirus

  • By Chris Waldrin -

    You should have titled this “Six days without toilet paper,” lol…

  • By Lawrence Tureaud -

    Hey, ‘Mudge, what in tarnation is wrong with you? We want to know if wine competitions and gold medals sell wine. Get off the throne and back to work. Americans are full of crap, that’s why they need so much toilet paper. I pity the fools…

  • By MrDoug -

    You can’t drink TP, so don’t get it. Is it time to drink the good stuff in the basement WC?

    • By Wine Curmudgeon -

      Agreed. I drank a $15 Italian white last night.

  • By AC -

    ‘There is comfort in knowing that it’s there,’ explains a psychologist.


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