Is it hot and miserable? Then let’s celebrate “High Alcohol Wine Weekend”

From my pal Gil Kulers, trying to help his readers get through another miserable Atlanta summer:

?I declare this weekend High Alcohol Wine Weekend. Everyone should turn off their air conditioners, do some vigorous housework and reward yourself with a big, bad red wine with a name along the lines of Apocalypse Redux. You should serve this wine at room temperature, of course. With such a holiday, all the right-thinking people out there who drink low-alcohol, lighter-bodied wines during the hot summer weather can see what they are missing.

?And for those of you who are chortling over your over-extracted, over-priced, over-done, highly allocated red wine from a well-known winemaking region, raise a glass to your sense of adventure. ?

Nicely phrased, Gil. The Wine Curmudgeon is a big fan of sarcasm — wish I had written that.