Happy Holidays 2018

Bruce Springsteen’s “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” is a holiday tradition on the blog, and this is one of the most legendary versions — Dec. 8, 1978 in Houston. To quote the Houston Press:

“ZAP! He ran from one end of the stage to the other like a manic little rooster, now doing a long slide on his knees while wailing on guitar, now diving out in the crowd to stalk the aisle with Clarence Clemons honking saxophone behind him, now jumping on top of a bank of amps and then taking the great leap off, now resting quiet, yet coiled, in front of the mike for a low sotto voce endearment and, always, always, giving his all — a heart on fire with rock and roll.”

The picture isn’t the best, given the limits of technology 40 years ago. But it almost doesn’t matter. Enjoy the holiday with people you care about and your favorite wine. (Video courtesy of Christmas Express at YouTube.)

The Wine Curmudgeon will return tomorrow with our regular features, including New Year’s sparkling wine suggestions on Thursday. The 2018 Wine of the Year will be announced on Jan. 3, with the 2019 $10 Hall of Fame following on Jan. 4.

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