Happy birthday, Wine Curmudgeon

Today, the numbers — how many of you visit, what your favorite posts are, and the like. Tomorrow, why we're here and how well it has turned out, despite the misgivings of a fellow who started in this business when we used typewriters and carbon paper.

In the past 12 months, the number of visitors who stop by each month has increased 49 percent (and the agency that supplies the ads deposited $50 in my business account this summer). Since we started in November 2007, the monthly visitor count has increased more than tenfold.

For which I am very, very grateful. There is no reason to do this unless people read the blog, and you do. So what do you read when you visit? The top 10, after the jump:

The top 10 most read posts over the past two years:

1. The 2009 $10 Hall of Fame. Which isn't surprising, really, given that is the blog's reason for being.

2. The review for the 2006 Tormaresca Neprica — the blog's favorite wine.

3. The 2008 $10 Hall of Fame.

4. Are Barefoot wines a good value or just cheap? I'm supposed to have lunch with Barefoot winemaker Jennifer Wall next month, so I'll probably write another Barefoot post.

5. The blog's visitor's guide. Don't be surprised by this. One of the problems with most blogs and Web sites is that they don't tell visitors how to use the site. I didn't want to have that problem.

6. My posts looking at whether Costco, the national warehouse chain, had rules about which wines it would buy, based on points and scores. I don't attribute this to my reporting, as wonderful as it was. I think it has more to do withh Google's ability to direct people who searched for "Costco wine" to the blog.

7. The review for the 2007 Neprica.

8. The eight-step program to enjoying wine. One of my criticisms of the wine business has always been its disregard for education. It prefers the short term fix, like scores, to actually helping people learn about wine so they can make their own decisions. Obviously, you agree with me, or else this post would not be so popular.

9. The review for the 2007 Dancing Bull zinfandel. This post surprised me. I didn't realize the Dancing Bull had that much of a following.

10. The review for the 2005 Masi Campofiorini, another surprise. I assume this is a wine with a following that doesn't get much ink from the rest of the wine world.

The least popular post? A wrapup of the Southwestern Wine Competition. The least popular wine review was the 2006 Chateau Bonnet Blanc, which is one of my favorite wines.

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