Fourth of July wine 2013

Fourth of July wine 2013
I’m drinking a less alcoholic, less tannic red wine because it’s hot out. But I can’t show my face, because that’s not a manly wine choice.

It ?s hot. It ?s sticky. So how many of you will drink the biggest, most tannic, most alcoholic red wine possible to celebrate July 4?

Which, of course, is fine with the Wine Curmudgeon, since I believe that everyone should drink what they want, and rules be damned. But, if you don ?t mind a suggestion, live dangerously. Try something lighter and, dare I say, more pleasurable ? a porch wine, even. Because the only thing I ask is that wine drinkers be willing to try something different.

Which leads to these suggestion, after the jump:

? Mark West Pinot Noir 2011 ($10, sample, 13.8%): The wine that launched what will soon be a 1-million case brand. Soft, with red fruit, and very professionally made. That it doesn ?t really taste like pinot is only a minor inconvenience.

? El Coto Rosado 2012 ($11, sample, 13%): This Spanish wine from one of my favorite producers is surprisingly New World in style, with lots of ripe cherry fruit. Still bone dry, but not the arid, desert-like Spanish rose of past vintages.

? Availability may be problematic, but Chateau Unang Ventoux 2009 ($15, sample, 13%) is well worth looking for. It ?s a dark, peppery, earthy red Rhone blend that combines the best of traditional French style with modern winemaking. One of the best wines, at any price, I have tasted this year.

? Pepi Pinot Grigio 2012 ($9, sample, 12.5%) is a refreshing California white with big dollops of pear and melon and a reasonably mineral-like finish. Not as clean or elegant as some New World pinot gris or Italian pinot grigio, but still delivers plenty of value.

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One thought on “Fourth of July wine 2013

  • By Steve -

    That El Coto is a quenching delight, for sure. I’d love to put my hands on some of that Chateau Unang, but it’s not available in this market – drats! Oh, and thanks for the plug on the previous piece. I’ve already had one of your readers drop by to debate the merits of Soave…
    Happy 4th, Jeff!

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