Follow-up: FedEx, why won’t you deliver my wine samples?

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One wine drinker had to put this in his driveway to get his driver’s attention.

The Wine Curmudgeon is not alone — wine drinkers across the country have to chase delivery trucks down the street to get their wine

Friday’s post about my difficulties getting FedEx to deliver wine samples struck a chord. Apparently, given the comments and the emails I got, I’m not the only one who doesn’t get wine delivered, whether from FedEx or UPS.

Texted one friend: “They like to just beep their horn and take off.”

So how do the delivery companies get away with this? No competition, of course. Given three-tier, barriers to entry for alcohol delivery are quite high — lots of regulation and paperwork, 50 laws for 50 states, investigations by state liquor cops, and all the rest. So FedEx and UPS can do what they want, and there is little we can do about it.

Except, of course, to remind them that their job is to deliver packages — not to make us pick them up.

2 thoughts on “Follow-up: FedEx, why won’t you deliver my wine samples?

  • By JDub -

    I created a Fedex account and re-direct my wine shipments to a local pharmacy. They will hold it for a few days giving me the chance to pickup on my terms and not rely on being home to meet the Fedex driver. Fedex does not charge for this convenience but UPS charges a fee.

  • By Karen D Rosenheimer -

    I have this same issue with UPS. My driveway is long. I work from home so I am always here & make a point to pay attention on delivery day. My security cameras alert me when their trucks pull up; plus my dogs bark wildly. Still, sometimes I’ll receive an email saying “sorry we missed you” (and NO door tag) so I know that the driver just didn’t even bother to stop so he didn’t have to come to the door for a signature. I have complained numerous times, to no avail. If the driver doesn’t want to stop to come to the door, they’ll simply lie & say you didn’t answer the door. So frustrating!

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