Father’s Day wine 2013

Periodically, someone will ask me why I do these posts. Who, they ask, buys wine for Father ?s Day? My answer: Who wouldn ?t buy wine for Father ?s Day, especially if Dad is a wine drinker?

In this process, keep our wine gift-giving guidelines in mind — “Don’t buy someone wine that you think they should like; buy them what they will like.”

Some wine to get you started:

? Bonny Doon Clos de Gilroy 2010 ($18, purchased, 13.1%): Dark, earthy and spicy, with the syrah and cinsault in the blend playing off the fruitiness of the grenache. Another winner from Randall Grahm.

? Beronia Gran Reserva 2006 ($25, sample, 14%): A bigger and fruitier wine, with more vanilla, than a traditional Rioja (the red wine made with tempranillo from Spain). But it ?s well done and not as New World as so many others. Plus, a terrific barbecue wine.

? Charles & Charles Rose 2012 ($10, sample, 12.9%): This is one of my favorite roses, dry but fruity, with lots of strawberry. It ?s made in what can only be described as the classic New World style, and is one of the best reasons I can I think of to drink rose. And only 12.9% alcohol ? take that, California.

? Maxwell Creek Sauvigon Blanc 2011 ($10, purchased: Not quite as spectacular as the 2010, but still a value and worth drinking. Look for some grassiness and citrus fruit, though the the finish is a bit short.

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