Father’s Day wine 2010

A few thoughts for the wine-loving Dad on your list (and keep the wine gift-giving guidelines in mind, which apply to Dad, Mom and anyone you buy wine for):

? Xplorader Malbec 2009 ($8, sample): The Wine Curmudgeon did a malbec taste-off a couple of weeks ago, and this grocery store wine was the pleasant surprise. Plenty of blueberry fruit, though a bit thin, but more than acceptable.

? Pepi Sauvignon Blanc 2008 ($10, sample): I had not seen the Pepi wines in years, until this sample arrived. It was everything I remembered it being — less tropical fruit than similar wines but with California grassy-ness (the smell of a freshly cut lawn, which can be quite pleasing), and very well made for the price.

? Stoller Pinot Noir Dundee Hills 2007 ($25, sample): Just when I despair of ever tasting pinot noir that tastes like pinot noir, this shows up. It's classically Oregon, with earthiness and black fruit, and a pleasure to drink. Highly recommended.

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