Expensive wine of the month 6: Groth Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

Groth's 2006 cabernet sauvignon is $60 well spent. The Wine Curmudgeon ?s apprehension when he sees pricey Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon is well known. There seem to be an infinite number of these wines and each seems to cost more than the next. (They also seem to be suffering greatly during the recession, but that ?s not news to regular visitors here.)

Which is why I ?m pleased to report that the Groth, for those with $60 to spend for a Napa cabernet, is $60 well spent. It compares more than favorably with more expensive wines of its kind, including those that cost $20 and $30 more. The Groth includes what ?s best about Napa cabernet ? the ripe, juicy cherry fruit ? and it doesn ?t have what isn ?t best. The oak is notably restrained, the fruit isn ?t over the top, the tannins are correct, and the alcohol is manageable at 14.9 percent.

This is, obviously, a food wine. Pair with classic red wine dinners like prime rib or rib eye, and save it for a special occasion, be it birthday, anniversary or holiday.

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