Expensive wine, March edition: Etienne Sauzet Bourgogne Blanc 2006

image And, believe it or not, a fine value. At around $35, it ?s less than one-half the cost of more expensive Sauzets and a steal compared to many California chardonnays at that price,

Sauzet is one of the world ?s great producers, and its specialty is white Burgundy ? chardonnay from the Burgundy region of France. This is what ?s called AOC Burgundy. The grapes don ?t come from one specific part of Burgundy, like Puligny-Montrachet or Mersault, but from throughout the region. This almost always means the wine will be less expensive, and it ?s about the only kind of wine from Burgundy that is reasonably affordable.

And, since it ?s Sauzet, it is more than well made. This is classic Sauzet in style, and if it isn ?t as rich and luxurious as the producer ?s Puligny, it will do. Look for crisp green apple aromas and flavor and well structured oak. This is a classy wine and highly recommended. Buy it for a birthday or anniversary gift, and sip it slowly. It ?s ready to drink now, and should get deeper and more interesting over the next couple of years.

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