Expensive wine 91: Limerick Lane Zinfandel Block 1910 2013

Limerick Lane Zinfandel How about a $50, high alcohol zinfandel worth drinking? That’s the Limerick Lane zinfandel.

The Wine Curmudgeon does not like high alcohol zinfandel, most of which seems to exist for no other reason than to show it can be done. So that the Limerick Lane zinfandel appears on the blog speaks not just to its excellence, but to the approach that produced that excellence.

The post-modern design for success, be it retailing or baseball or winemaking, focuses on processes instead of results. That is, it’s not let’s make a 17 ½ percent zinfandel, but let’s find a way to make one, given the grapes and terroir, that will allow us to do it well every time. The Limerick Lane zinfandel ($50, sample, 14.8%) is process driven, and is that much better for it.

Look for black fruit (blackberries?), that bramble that most zinfandels of any quality have eschewed in favor of loading up on sweet fruit, herbs, and black pepper. In other words, everything that a zinfandel is supposed to have. This is food wine – barbecue, smoked brisket, and the like.

Highly recommended, but why not given that Ron Washam and Robert Parker both sing Limerick Lane’s praises? This is not quite the same thing as matter and anti-matter not causing a warp explosion, but it’s close enough.

The bad news? There is very little of this wine, and I’m not sure why I got a sample. I wrote about it because there are other Limerick Lane wines that are more available, and are certainly worth trying.

2 thoughts on “Expensive wine 91: Limerick Lane Zinfandel Block 1910 2013

  • By Richie Magnier -

    Ooof! Is it not cloying and syrupy? I find Amarone chunky enough at 15%, can’t imagine what 17.5% is like!

    • By Wine Curmudgeon -

      This is “only” 14.8, and not clunky at all. In the old days, which is before the recession, I’d get samples of 16 and 17 percent Australian shiraz that cost $50 and were cloying and syrupy — and that got 95 points. Go figure.

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