Expensive wine 131: Justin Isosceles 2015

Justin IsoscelesThe Justin Isosceles is a powerful, well made California red blend

The Wine Curmudgeon has always appreciated Justin’s wines, whether the $12 sauvingon blanc or the pricey, pricey red blends. It’s not necessarily a style I prefer, but the wines are always well made and aren’t as over the top as so many others.

The Justin Isosceles ($70, sample, 15%) is a case in point. On the one hand, this red blend (mostly cabernet sauvignon, with about equal parts merlot and cabernet franc) costs a lot of money, and especially for a wine from California’s Paso Robles region. Plus, that 15 percent alcohol screams “HOT FRUIT BOMB DESIGNED TO GET 96 POINTS!”

On the other hand, it’s not nearly as hot and as ripe as it could have been. Powerful, yes, in that fruit forward, California style. That means lots and lots of black fruit aroma, and it tastes of not too sweet cherry fruit. Plus, there is even a little spice, and the oak pushed just enough to the background so as not to get in the way. If it’s not subtle, it is mostly balanced, very layered, and well worth drinking (assuming the price doesn’t scare you off).

I’m not sure the Justin Isosceles is going to age all that well for that much longer, so it’s ready to drink now.

2 thoughts on “Expensive wine 131: Justin Isosceles 2015

  • By Walter Blood -


    I have liked Justin’s Isosceles for many years. On reading your column I recalled I had an older bottle and wondered if it was past prime. I shared a 2010 Isosceles that I purchased in the Paso tasting room October, 2013 ($62) with a couple of friends yesterday. This was a “social distanced” tasting in my back yard in wonderful weather. The wine was great and showed no adverse signs of aging.

    Best wishes, Walter

    • By Wine Curmudgeon -

      That’s great to hear. Deciphering aging potential is about the most difficult thing to do in wine, save for parsing availablity.

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