Expensive wine 13: Freemark Abbey Cabernet Sauvignon 2005

From one of the CellarTracker notes for the Freemark Abbey cabernet sauvignon: A good value for a pleasant, but relatively simple, every day wine.”

The list price for this wine is $35. The Wine Curmudgeon wishes he lived in a world where he could afford to spend $35 for an everyday bottle of wine. That works out to $175 a week (assuming we’re drinking more expensive wine on the weekend, of course) and $9,100 a year. Maybe it’s me, but spending almost $10,000 a year on wine seems like a lot of money. I write about wine, and I don’t spend $10,000 a year.

This is not to knock the Freemark Abbey (sample), which is a very well done Napa Valley cabernet with quality fruit (lots of cherry), soft tannins, and all more or less in proportion. I’d buy it for myself for a special occasion, or give it as gift (Father’s Day, perhaps). As such, it’s far from simple and it’s not an everyday wine.

Which points to one of the problems with the wine business in this country and why more people don’t drink wine. Until we can get rid of those attitudes, wine will never be accepted by most Americans as something to drink everyday. It will be seen as something for the rich or the snobbish or the geeky — and wine is much better than that.

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