Expensive wine 11: Domaine Leflaive M con-Verz 2007

This is chardonnay the way it should be made.You can buy decent Macon, the unoaked chardonnay from Burgundy, for about $10. And it's fine wine. Or you can splurge and buy the Macon-Verze (about $35, purchased). Trust the Wine Curmudgeon on this.

I don't often feel the need to wax poetic about wine in the manner of so many of my colleagues, but it's all I can do to restrain myself when it comes to this wine. So I'll leave it at this:

Pure. Clean. Acidic. Fresh. Fabulous. You name it, this wine has it. Is it expensive? You bet. Is it worth it? You bet. There is a reason why Domaine Leflaive has been in business for almost 300 years and is one of Burgundy's great producers, and you can taste the reason every time you take a sip of this wine.

Buy this wine for the holiday at the end of the week that shall remain nameless. Buy it if you want to taste chardonnay that hasn't been put through the California oak and malolactic wringer. Buy it if you love wine but have forgotten why you do.

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