Where was the copy editor?

Several astute visitors noted what seemed to be basic math errors in yesterday’s Big Wine post, and I’m grateful for their help. The good news is that my math was correct. The bad news is that my typing wasn’t, because I transposed several numbers when I wrote the post. This made it seem like the biggest of the big U.S. wine companies control substantially more of the market than they do. I have corrected the numbers.

The overall point of the post, though, hasn’t changed: The top 3 companies control slightly more than one half of the U.S. market, the top six control about two-thirds, and the top 30 control some 90 percent. “In other words, all the wine that those of us who write about wine love to write about? Hardly anyone drinks it.”

As I noted in the comments, I’d fire my copy editor, but then who would write the blog?

One thought on “Where was the copy editor?

  • By Douglas HIllstrom -

    There is a rather glaring typo in the first sentence of your article that still hasn’t been corrected.

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