Cheap wine book just a month away


The manuscript, complete with some very informative and good-looking graphics by Jynette Neal, went to layout this week. Given the way the process works in the digital age, I should have ebooks by Labor Day weekend and print books shortly after that. The book will be for sale on the blog — $9.95 for ebook, $12.95 for print book, as well as the usual on-line retailers.

More, after the jump, including one of the graphics:

History of cheap wine

The book has five chapters, dealing with the ins and outs of the wine business as it applies to cheap wine, with simple, straight forward wisdom about buying the best cheap wine possible. I ?ve also written four essays ? why scores are evil; how to figure out eco-friendly wine; regional wine; and how to buy wine for dinner. Plus, the much awaited winespeak dictionary.

The point of the book is not to recommend wines, because it doesn ?t. That ?s what the blog is for. The book is about the process of wine ? how to understand how wine is made and retailed so that you can buy better wine without the need of experts or scores. Hence sections on how to find a good retailer, which regions of the world offer the best value, and how Big Wine has changed the way wine is made.

Also, thanks to my editor, Rick Rockwell, the book boasts a Quick Start Guide, similar to what you ?ll find for electronics. Need specific advice immediately? Then click on the appropriate bit in the quick start guide in the ebook, and you ?ll go straight to it (you ?ll have to flip pages in the print book, but the principle is the same).

What the book doesn ?t have ? and I am quite proud of this ? are any pictures of vineyards, grapes, or hillside wineries resplendent in the moonlight. The phrase ?romance of wine ? doesn ?t appear once and almost every bit poetic waxing was edited out.

In other words, this is a book about wine, and not a wine book.

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