Labor Day 2015

The blog is mostly off today for the holiday, but will return on Tuesday with our usual features, including the Wine Curmudgeon’s annual visit to the Kerrville Fall Music Festival and an update on my El Centro wine class.

Until then, Linda Ronstadt from 1978’s “FM” — not much of a movie, but a reminder about why we once bought Ronstadt’s records not only for the music, but for the cover photos. Those of us who whine about how difficult our lives are should think about Ronstadt. And yes, that’s Martin Mull introducing Ronstadt and the incomparable Waddy Wachtel on lead guitar. (Video courtesy of John1948EightB at YouTube.)

Memorial Day 2015

The blog is off today for the holiday, but will return tomorrow with our usual features. Until then, enjoy this 1964 episode of The Avengers TV series, where John Sneed executes perhaps the best spit I’ve ever seen (and certainly better than I can do); Mrs. Peel looks ravishing, despite a poor choice in hair styles; and they deflate a couple of wine snobs who badly need deflating. The video is courtesy of Hudson Winter via YouTube.

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Great quotes in wine history: Kojak

New York City police detective Theo Kojak is very excited — or at least as excited as he gets — about the 2015 $10 Wine Hall of Fame.

A tip o’ the Wine Curmudgeon’s fedora to the Dedoimedo website; this post is based on his “My reaction to — ” series. The video is courtesy of davedacunt via YouTube.

Happy New Year 2015

The blog is off today for New Year’s, but will return tomorrow with our usual features in the run-up to the 2015 $10 Hall of Fame, which arrives on Monday.

A tip o’ the Wine Curmudgeon’s fedora to blog visitor John Hammer for passing along this video, which not only puts wine into perspective, but is funny. Who knew Vikings didn’t like oaky chardonnay? (Video is courtesy of Holidaytravel tvspots via YouTube.)

Happy New Year from the Wine Curmudgeon.

Fourth of July 2014

The blog is mostly off today for the holiday, but will return on Monday with our usual features, including the cheap wine book giveaway with Jon Thorsen, the Reverse Wine Snob. Enjoy July 4, and especially this video — Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris, and Dolly Parton from the incredible Trio II, singing “High Sierra” (courtesy of jpspanishfan2 at YouTube). Harmony doesn’t get much better than this.

And you don’t have to be of a certain age to understand what music lost when Ronstadt, who has Parkinson’s, realized she couldn’t sing anymore.

The WC returns from the land of the missing

The website was down for about nine hours on Wednesday morning, and anyone who tried to access the site got a placeholder that made it look like I was out of business. But no fears — I'm still here and plugging away.

The cause was a DNS mishap, related to a soon-to-come site redesign. Don't worry if you don't know what DNS means. I do, and knowing doesn't help much. Just makes my head hurt.

A tip o' the Curmudgeon's fedora to TypePad customer service, which got the site back up in just a couple of hours and did it in professional fashion.

Wine Curmudgeon wins Wine Blog Award

I had a nifty little thing mostly written for this morning, explaining why I didn’t care that I didn’t win the 2013 Wine Blog Award for best industry blog. Guess I don’t need to post it, huh?

I was dumbfounded when I got up this morning to find an email from The Italian Wine Guy, a text from Katie Myers, and a tweet from Dave Falchek sharing the news. I honestly didn’t expect to win. For one thing, the category wasn’t a good fit for what I do. For another, I’m from the Midwest, and we don’t win things, as the Chicago Cubs have demonstrated for more than 100 years. Besides, the competition was intense — Blake Gray, Tom Wark, and The Hosemaster of Wine are wine blogging legends.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not thrilled. Or overjoyed. Or any adjective you want that describes complete and boundless happiness. And thank you. I may even find time today to enjoy my achievement, instead of my usual worrying and fretting about filling up the blog and making a living at it. Maybe with a little Puligny? Of course, I also have this nice $10 rose. …

What makes me the happiest is that the award was voted on by people who read wine blogs, and that those people voted for me. That means they want to know the things I write about — the idea that wine should be easy and enjoyable, that it doesn’t have to be about marketing gimmicks and winespeak, that wine writing should do for wine what intelligent, critical writing does for anything else: inform and educate the consumer.

Which, by the way, I’m going to keep doing, and would have even without the award. But you knew that anyway, didn’t you?

Still, it’s time for celebration. How about the Boss, the Big Man and the rest of the E Street Band Dancing in the Dark (courtesy of 19eagle81 at YouTube)?