Wine Curmudgeon podcast: John Bratcher

image Here it is, as promised: The first in what will be a regular series of podcasts with wine people ? winemakers, wine writers and the like — sharing their knowledge, tips, and advice about the business and cheap wine. John Bratcher, of course, is my cohort in Two Wine Guys and a pioneer in the Texas wine business.

But we don ?t talk about Texas wine. It ?s mostly John ?s insight on finding cheap wine when you don ?t know how to start the process. It ?s about 10 minutes and less than 10 megs, but we cover a fair amount of ground. To download or stream the podcast, please click here.

Turned out pretty well, if I say so myself. There are a couple of technical things I need to improve, but the sound is clean and adequate. All in all, not bad for the Wine Curmudgeon, who hasn ?t played with a tape recorder since they were actually tape recorders.

A couple of notes: As always, comments are much appreciated. If you have a suggestion for the podcast, or someone for me to interview, let me know. And if anyone can offer any technical pointers, they ?d be much appreciated.