Bogle edges Barefoot to win 2014 cheap wine poll

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2014 cheap wine pollTalk about a hanging chad. Bogle won the 2014 cheap wine poll by a margin so thin that the outcome was in doubt until the voting ended on Tuesday night. It recorded just four more thumbs up votes than runner-up Barefoot; the latter’s thumbs down votes were more harmful, with three times as many as Bogle.

This is shocking, given that Barefoot finished sixth last year after spending most of the poll in ninth place. Plus, it’s not like I’ve been enthusiastic about Barefoot over the years, and the brands that it beat are some of the best cheap wines in the world. Barefoot second ahead of last year’s winner, Falesco Vitiano, which dropped to seventh? Unbelievable.

The explanation? Availability, I think. The top three wines, which included McManis at No. 3, are sold in grocery stores and are easier to find than most of the rest. You can only vote on what you’ve tasted, and a lot of people have tasted Barefoot. On the other hand, Two-buck Chuck was a badly beaten 10th for the second year in a row, and a lot of people have tasted it.

Other surprises? Chateau Bonnet, which is one of the last cheap French wines that tastes French and not like it was made by a committee obsessed with the so-called American palate, was ninth, with more negative votes than positive after finishing fifth in 2013. I can’t think of a reason for this, unless the voters don’t like French wines that taste French or are still hung up on freedom fries. On the other hand, Domain du Tariquet finished fourth, and that’s also a French wine that remains completely French.

Complete results are here, or you can click on the graphic at the top of the post. You can see last year’s poll here. Thanks to everyone for voting. We mostly equaled last year’s vote tally, and given the site’s Google woes over the past 12 months, that’s not too bad.

3 thoughts on “Bogle edges Barefoot to win 2014 cheap wine poll

  • By Ray Dietz -

    I voted for Bogle & McManis. I can truthfully say that I’ve drunk my share of both producer’s wines over the last couple of years and only remember one “dud”. I think it was a Bogle 2011 Merlot. Other then that one exception I find that all of these wines are solid values and when the Pa. Wine & Spirits system has them on sale they go from values to bargains.

    I would have liked to have been able to vote for Dry Creek too if only for their Fume’ Blanc. I’ve found it to be outstanding for the last three vintages.

    I believe you are correct when stating that a lot of the votes are based on availability. Pa stores don’t carry many(if any) of the other brands that were in the poll so I don’t have an opportunity to taste them.

    Thanks for running the poll again. It was fun to participate!

  • By Sue -

    I have the same issue with PA stores. BTW, you can go online to their website and order what they don’t have in stock in the store and have it delivered to the store of your choice. It’s not a great option, but it’s an option.

    Agreed on the Bogle Merlot. Not terrible, but not nearly as good as their other wines IMHO. I’m currently obsessing over their Petite Syrah. Nom. Of course, even on sale, Bogle wines run about $11 in PA – but well worth the couple extra dollars.

    • By Ray Dietz -

      Sue: Try the 2012 McManis Petit Sirah also. A great drink and a real bargian when on sale. At least one of my local W&S have finally changed over to the 2013 vintage of the Bogle Chardonnay. Such a deal at $8.99 thru this month then goes on sale again but at $9.99 I think it’s a bit better then the 2012 which I really liked

      I also find the W&S web site very helpful although I’ve never special ordered anything.


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