Birthday week 2017 starts Monday

Birthday weekThe blog’s 10th Birthday Week begins on Monday, with some of the the best prizes yet

Birthday Week 2017, the 10th annual, begins on Monday with perhaps the best prizes in Birthday Week history. And why not? Ten years doing this is a long time, and especially doing what we do here.

Hence the Wine Curmudgeon’s annual thank you to everyone who reads the blog and visits the site, since none of this would happen without you. Contest rules are here. Those of you who get the blog via email or RSS will need to go to and click on that day’s prize post to enter.

Each day next week, a prize post will run in addition to the regular post. Pick a number between 1 and 1,000 and leave it in the comment section of the prize post. You can’t pick a number someone else has picked, and you need to leave your guess in the comments section of this post — no email entries or entries on other posts, like this one. Unless the number is in the comments section of the prize post, the entry won’t count.

This year’s prize schedule:

• Monday: A $50 gift card from Boony Doon Vineyards.

• Tuesday: A French wine gift accessory pack, courtesy of and much thanks to Teuwen Communications and its French wine clients.

• Wednesday: A $100 gift card from, and thank you very much to the people at for their annual enthusiasm for what we do here.

• Thursday: Six Riedel wine glasses — two Vinum sparkling glasses and four O red wine glassescourtesy of Banfi Wines.

• Friday: Four autographed copies of the cheap wine book.

Besides the prize giveaways, I’ll recap the past year on the blog — the top posts and the least liked on Monday, as well as my always insightful analysis about what it all means and the future of the wine business on Thursday.

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