Birthday Week 2012: The blog keeps growing

And still in double-digit numbers, too. I ?m beginning to think there may be something to this wine blogging business.

The always popular colored chart, which is after the jump this year, shows just how well we've done since I started tracking visitors in January 2008. The first post went up in November 2007, but I didn't keep stats for the first six weeks. Who knew I would still be here?

All told, the number of average daily visitors has increased 3,230 percent from that first January through the end of October. Plus, not only is the blog up 21 percent through October, but this year saw best day ever (when this Costco post ran), as well as its third best day ever (when the winery shell game past ran).

Wine Curmudgeon visitors

The annual bullit points ? almost as popular as the chart. On Thursday, I'll count down the top posts of the past 12 months:

? My Quantcast rating improved some 8,000 places this year, to 179,776. That means the blog is in the top 17.9 percent of the million Internet sites that the company tracks worldwide. And, for those who really like geeky stuff, my Google page rank is 4 ? not bad for someone sitting at home, typing by himself and without time or a budget for search engine optimization.

? The blog ?s audience was substantially younger and more female this year, according to Quantcast. This is something I made an effort to accomplish, since those are the people buying wine who aren ?t served by the Winestream Media or most of the best-known wine blogs.

? Wine reviews returned to popularity this year, with four of the top 10 posts and six of the top 15. That ?s not quite what it was, but I always thought wine reviews were too popular for the blog ?s long-term benefit

? White wine beat red wine for the first time, and there were no red wine posts in the top 10 for the first time, either. This, I think, is a result of getting more women and younger visitors to the blog.

? How important are the new sweet red wines? The wine term post about residual sugar made the top 10 for the second year in a row ? no doubt because sweet red has attained such prominence with consumers.

? About 85 percent of visitors came from the U.S., a figure that has
been consistent over the blog ?s history. China, despite its popularity
with the Winestream Media, doesn ?t do much here (.35 percent), but then I
don ?t write much about the high-end wines (counterfeit and otherwise)
that the Chinese are interested in. And I ?d like to thank the 13 people
form Qatar and the 12 from Saudi Arabia who stopped by; neither is much
of a wine-drinking country.

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