Birthday card wine wisdom

birthday cardToday’s wine question: Why does the birthday card business understand wine in a way the wine business doesn’t?

A tip o’ the Wine Curmudgeon’s fedora to Scott Metzger and Papyrus for this, because I laughed. Out loud. Which is something that most wine humor doesn’t do.

“Crappy, but free” indeed — though these days, it would probably be “Crappy, but premiumized.”








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2 thoughts on “Birthday card wine wisdom

  • By John Slattery - Reply

    Apothic Red tastes bitter and astringent to me. My $15 red Bordeaux tastes bitter and astringent to my friend. The Difference? None.

    Except when they adjust their pallet to bordeaux, there’s no going back!

    Also when are you going to be reviewing Meiomi PN? 😉

    • By Wine Curmudgeon - Reply

      I agree about Bordeaux, assuming one can find Bordeaux that tastes like Bordeaux. And there will probably be a long wait to review the Meimoi, since I’m not going to spend the money on the bottle and I doubt I’ll ever get a sample.

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