All the wine statistics you’ll ever need

Wine statsThis ties in nicely with the various Big Wine discussions we ?ve had on the blog over the last month, and it also puts many of the numbers that I ?ve reported over the years in one place — wine consumption, wine production, and most popular wines according to grape variety. The chart is courtesy of the Statistic Brain website, compiled in August; just ignore the misspellings.

Pay careful attention to the most popular restaurant wines, listed near the bottom of the chart, which is as Big Wine as it gets. Click here for a PDF — it's the only way I could get the chart on the site and make it readable.

5 thoughts on “All the wine statistics you’ll ever need

  • By burnsey -

    Who is making all the wine in Florida? Is it imported juice being handled closer to the ports?

  • By Jeff Siegel -

    Burnsey, I have been trying to find that out for a couple of years as part of DrinkLocalWine, and no one seems to know.
    My guess is that it’s some kind of fruit-based alcohol (not grapes) that qualifies for the legal definition of wine. Because Florida doesn’t grow all that many grapes.

  • By burnsey -

    Thanks. Maybe wine coolers (do they still make those?) or all of the wonderful Strawberry Merlot I see at grocery stores.

  • By Alfonso -

    38% of US wine exports to Europe? That includes the UK?

  • By Jeff Siegel -

    As for as I know, Alfonso. Of course, who knows what the British think these days?

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