Alabama keeps living up to Neil Young’s expectations

Regular visitors to the blog know that the Wine Curmudgeon keeps a close eye on wine and liquor doings in Alabama. The state always seems to do exactly the wrong thing, continually demonstrating the inadequacies of the three-tier system.

In 2009, state booze cops forbid the sale of Cycles Gladiator wine, citing what the agency called its pornographic label ? even though the label came from an 1895 art print, didn ?t seem to bother anyone else in the rest of the country, and had been on sale in Alabama for three years.

Earlier this year, a couple of multi-million dollar (and sort of out of state) beer distributors used their juice with the Alabama legislature to squash the state ?s 13 wineries. Apparently, they were terrified of the competition. Or at least that ?s what they said.

In the latest development, the liquor cops raided a Birmingham beer and wine store and seized home brewing equipment, even though it ?s not always illegal to sell such items in Alabama. They also took home brewing books. I wonder: Will the state try to block references to home brewing and home winemaking on the Internet if someone complains? Will they try to ban the blog for linking to this?

So thanks, Alabama. We can always count on you to brighten our day ? as well to provide an opportunity to post a video of Neil Young performing the classic ?Alabama, ? after the jump:

The video is courtesy of CanRom79 via YouTube, and comes from Young ?s 1973 Harvest tour. That means the legendary Stray Gators are playing with Young, with Graham Nash and David Crosby singing backup.

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