2019 Cheap Wine of the Year: Château La Gravière Blanc 2017

Château La Gravière BlancChâteau La Gravière Blanc, a French white blend, is the blog’s second annual Cheap Wine of the Year

It wasn’t easy, in the past year of drinking dangerously, to find a cheap wine to uphold the standards we’ve worked so hard to maintain over the past 11 years. Yes, there were plenty of $10 roses that were worthy, but cheap wine should be about more than rose. Fortunately, we have the Château La Gravière Blanc as the blog’s second annual Cheap Wine of the Year.

The Château La Gravière Blanc ($10, purchased, 12.5%) is a white French blend from the Bordeaux sub-region of Entre-Deux-Mers, which is mostly known for making truckloads of cheap wine that tastes like cheap wine. That’s the last thing the La Graviere is.

It combines traditional white Bordeaux style and terroir with modern winemaking; hence a delicious wine that is not simple or stupid. The wine features fresh lemon fruit as well as an almost California-style grassiness, but it also comes close to an old-fashioned white Bordeaux minerality. This used to be common in these kinds of wines, but it as rare these days as a Big Wine dry red that is actually dry. The difference may be more semillion in the blend than sauvignon blanc, so the wine isn’t another New Zealand knockoff.

Drink this chilled, either on its own or with chef-style salads, roast chicken, or grilled shrimp. This is the kind of wine you buy one bottle of and then go back for a case. Which is I did.

Imported by Luneau USA

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3 thoughts on “2019 Cheap Wine of the Year: Château La Gravière Blanc 2017

  • By THERESE -

    Hello !
    Thank you so much for this article,
    I’m Nicolas THERESE the 4th generation of Château La Gravière’s winemaker.
    You can follow us on our facebook and instagram page : Château Nardique La Gravière
    Best regards,
    Cheers from France !

    Nicolas THERESE
    Château La Gravière

  • By Jeff -

    Thanks for the article…my wife and I are really loving French white blends. I couldn’t find this one on wine.com…any idea where to purchase? maybe check with my local wine shop?

    • By Wine Curmudgeon -

      Whole Foods has the wine in many of its U.S. locations. In fact, I just tasted the 2019, and will review it soon.

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