The 2014 $10 Hall of Fame

The 2014 $10 Hall of FameIf you thought last year’s effort was impressive, with 12 wines making the cut, wait until you see the 2014 $10 Hall of Fame — 16 wines entering the Hall, and only two dropping out. Click here for the entire list, or the $10 Hall of Fame link at the top of the page. The Hall’s selection process and eligibility rules are here.

Not all was wonderful — the Cusumano Nevo d’Avola didn’t make it, which was a damned shame considering it had been one of my favorite cheap reds. I don’t have much hope for the other Cusumano wines for next year, either.

But that was about the only disappointment, given how much great cheap wine I tasted in 2013. Some 100 wines were considered, easily the most ever, and those that made it into the Hall included the $5 Spanish Vina Decana, which I have bought shamelessly since tasting it in October; more Gascon, cava, Sicilian, and rose, perhaps the best values in the world; and four California wines — believe it or not.

I wrote this last year, and it’s even more true in 2014: “We’re living in the Golden Age of cheap wine, and I hope everyone who reads this understands how lucky we are to be here. It’s as if Aretha Franklin, Bruce Springsteen, the Ramones, and the Beatles were all on the same bill, all in their prime, tickets were free, and we never had to go home.”