2012 holiday gift guide redux

wine gifts

Unfortunately, this Champagne bottle lamp has been sold.

Just a week until Christmas, so it ?s time to remind everyone who missed it the first time that the Wine Curmudgeon has you covered. Check out the holiday gift post, as well as a couple of more suggestions:

? Templeton small batch rye whiskey ($38, sample): The revival in brown goods means those of us who drink rye have more to choose from than Old Overcoat. The Templeton, from Iowa no less, has that wonderful rye sweet edge, and it lasts from beginning to end. Cut it with a little water, sit by the fireplace, and it doesn ?t matter how cold it is outside.

? ?Wine Grapes, ? which my pal Dave McIntyre described as ?a book of biblical scale. ? How about entries for 1,368 grape varieties over 1,280 pages for $175? Yes, it ?s not for everyone, but I have to confess: It would be fun to have around the house.