$10 Hall of Fame update

This year ?s list is here. But I thought I ?d list several wines that almost made the Hall this year:

? Rene Barbier Mediterranean Blanco, a Spanish white blend that costs all of $5.

? Drylands Sauvignon Blanc, which compares favorably to wines costing $15 and up. But it ?s probably closer to $12 than it is $10.

? Beaulieu Coastal Estates Riesling, which is quite complex for a cheap, sweet wine. It actually has acid to offset the sweetness.

? Montes Malbec. This is the inexpensive malbec many people drink, but the quality never seems consistent from year to year.

? Smoking Loon Old Vine Zinfandel. I ?m never sure what do with the Smoking Loons, which are usually fine values but never seem to cross the line into Hall of Fame territory.

? Cave de Saumur Rose, which was one of almost a dozen roses that I tasted that could have made it. This, from Anjou, was made with cabernet franc.

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