$10 Hall of Fame rules and eligibility

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Not every wine, even though it costs $10 (more or less), is eligible for the $10 Hall of Fame or to be named the blog’s Cheap Wine of the Year:

• The wines must be generally available, so that consumers living in most U.S. metro areas can buy them . This means means no private or store label wines, like Trader Joe’s Two-buck Chuck, because they’re only sold at one retailer or at a retailer with a limited number of stores. This also eliminates most regional wines, since they usually have limited distribution.

• Prices are from Dallas-area retailers, and include wines that are on sale. I will make an exception if Dallas prices seem to be higher than elsewhere, and can include wines costing as much as $12 or $13..

• Wine quality criteria: They should be varietally correct, without flaws, balanced, and interesting enough to buy again. In other words, honest wines.

• Wines can be added every year, and they can drop out as well. Wines drop out if quality decreases or if they aren’t generally available.

The final decisions are my own, but I welcome and accept suggestions and input from anyone, whether blog visitors and wine drinkers, people I know in the wine business, or other wine writers.