Winebits 309: Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving wine advice from around the cyber-ether, but not including the site that said picking the wrong wines would ruin the Thanksgiving meal. I guess I need to send that person a copy of the cheap wine book.

? The always tasteful Ray Isle at Food & Wine, with two roses — yes, two, and bless you, Ray — and nothing that costs more than $20. My favorite suggestion is the Adami Garb l Prosecco ($15), which he notes is direr than most Proseccos.

? Eric Asimov at the New York Times: “No matter how much you decide to spend on wine, serving myriad sweet and savory foods to a large group is no time to fuss about matching particular bottles with individual flavors; it ?s pointless.” Plus, none of the suggestions costs more than $25, and he says it’s OK if you don’t want to spend that much. Is it any wonder he’s the best wine writer in the U.S.? My favorite suggestion? New York’s Fox Run cabernet franc, made by the very talented Peter Bell.

? How about wines from American winemaking families for this most of American of holidays, suggests Katie Kelley Bell at Forbes? This is not the usual trendy California lineup, either, but includes choices from Virginia and the Pacific Northwest. Her choices are a little pricey, like the Gundlach-Bundschu merlot, but almost all are wines worth drinking.


2 thoughts on “Winebits 309: Thanksgiving 2013

  • By Sue - Reply

    I have a bottle or two of the Fox Run cab franc in the cellar….probably a good time to break it out. I prefer red wines but like dry whites; my husband prefers dry whites and generally doesn’t like reds at all, but he found this cab franc “tolerable” so we got a few bottles on our last visit up to the Finger Lakes. A nice counterpart would also be a Finger Lakes dry riesling from Heron Hill, another of my favs from that area.

  • By steve - Reply

    Wholeheartedly agree re: Eric Asimov. Readable, accessible, poignant, and completely absent of that clubby tone plaguing much of wine journalism today.

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