Winebits 262: New Year’s Eve bubbly

Recommendations from around the Internet for sparkling wine for tonight. My suggestions are here.

? Same old wines: The website has a thorough look at Champagne history, the differences between the various kinds of bubblies, and even serving suggestions. What it doesn ?t have? Many interesting wines. It recommends Veuve Clicquot and Perrier-Jouet, which are usually two of the top five brands in the U.S. You don ?t need to know much about Champagne to pick those.

? If you don ?t want Champagne: does an excellent job with cava, cremant and the like, including a New York state bubbly, Brotherhood Winery Blanc de Blancs Brut for $10. These are all (save the Brotherhood) widely available.

? And if you don ?t like bubbly? Which the Wine Curmudgeon can ?t imagine, given how much sparkling wine I drink even when it isn ?t New Year ?s. But the website has more beer suggestions than I would have thought possible, complete with beer-speak ( ?[I]t packs a hearty 10 percent ABV that ?s very well hidden within an ambrosia of earthy fruits and dark caramel flavor notes. ?) I ?m sure they ?re all fine beers; I just wish the author hadn ?t intimated those of us who like sparkling are less than manly. Should I challenge him to a spitting contest?


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