Winebits 253: Halloween

The Wine Curmudgeon does not do Halloween and wine; how many times can I write about Bogle ?s Phantom or Ghost Pines from E&J Gallo? But that doesn ?t stop the rest of the wine world, so this week we look at wine and Halloween:

? The always reliable Ray Isle of Food & Wine got stuck doing a Halloween post last year ? the Phantom and Charles Smith ?s Velvet Devil merlot appear among several others. They ?re all decent wines, and not the stuff that usually shows up with a cute name and that isn ?t much worth drinking.

? From the whoops department, a link to a couple of wines on a Halloween supplies and decorations site that doesn ?t seem to work. Did someone find out that selling wine on the Internet was not quite the same thing as selling Halloween costumes?

? Finally, because I have a special fondness for this sort of thing, how to turn an empty wine bottle into a Halloween lamp. Besides, how can I pass up an opportunity to link to a site called Tattooed Martha? The fondness? That ?s because I made a lamp in shop class in high school, and I am far from the handiest person in the world.


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