Wine of the week: Tormaresca Neprica 2007

image And it ?s just as wonderful as last year, when the Neprica was the third best read post on the blog. And, in even better news, it ?s apparently more widely available this year. (Thanks to Kathleen Talbert at Talbert Communications for tracking down availability.)

Why is this wine so wonderful? It ?s cheap ? list is $12, so it ?s probably $10.99 or less at most stores. It ?s well made, with typical Italian acidity and sour cherry fruit. It ?s food friendly, pairing with anything from red sauce to sausages and grilled peppers and onions. Plus, it ?s made with some interesting grapes, including the Italian varietals negroamaro and primitivo. The world does not revolve around cabernet sauvignon and merlot.

And why is the Neprica more available this year? Because, apparently, so many people asked about it. This is an example of consumers convincing retailers they should actually stock something more interesting than the usual bottles they stick on the shelves. A tip o ? the wine glass to everyone who asked about it. You made a difference.


3 thoughts on “Wine of the week: Tormaresca Neprica 2007

  • By Joanna - Reply

    I just got a bottle of this, looking for Piedmonte wines in our local store and finding none. It’s cheap, quite drinkable and tastes like Italy in a glass.

  • By Jeff Siegel - Reply

    Italy in a glass — that’s perfect. I’d also suggest the Falesco Vitiano red, which is about $12 and also very Italian.

  • By Melinda Y. - Reply

    I am also a fan of the Tormaresca Neprica. It’s a great everyday red wine at a very affordable price. I’ve recommended it to many customers who came back to tell me they love it. This wine is from the Puglia region of Italy (the heel of the boot) and is part of the Antinori family of wine estates. It is available at certain Safeway stores and is selling for under $10 at the time of this entry. It just goes to show there are some wonderful everyday wines that are very affordable now.

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