Wine of the week: Bieler et Fils Rose 2012

Bieler-Rose-2012The United States would not be celebrating its 237th birthday this week without its French ally in the Revolutionary War, and especially without a French victory in a naval battle off Virginia ?s Chesapeake Bay in 1781. The latter made it possible for George Washington to force the British surrender at Yorktown that ended the war.

So what better way to celebrate The Fourth than with a French rose made by an American? The Bieler ($11, sample, 12.8%) comes from Charles Bieler and family, who shows up on the blog a lot for his cheap and extremely well-made wine. This one is no exception.

It ?s from the Provence region, where some some of the best rose in France is made. It ?s bone dry, but shows a little more fruit than usual (cherry and raspberry?). This is another indication of its quality, because the extra fruit doesn ?t make the wine taste sweetish (an effect some producers go for to make the consumer think the wine is sweet). That ?s because there is more than enough acidity for balance ? what Bieler calls tension. When he makes the wine, he says he wants a balance between ripe grapes, to provide fruitiness, and unripe grapes, to provide acidity. He found it here.

Highly recommended. Serve chilled on its own or with any holiday barbecue or meal (and yes, that means red meat), from now through Thanksgiving.

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