Wine Curmudgeon to TV weather fear mongers: You owe me

TV weather fear mongers

“OMG, it’s an ice storm!”

The headline says it all. I did a cheap wine book signing last night, and everyone had a wonderful time. Sold some books, including one to a dog and one to a baby, and the only thing that wasn’t wonderful is that not a lot of people were there. They had been scared away by Dallas’ TV weather fear mongers, who had predicted an ice storm.

Which, of course, we didn’t have. A little 32-degree weather. A little mist. Nothing on the ground this morning. I have never had much respect for local TV news, dating to my newspaper days. But this was a pitiful effort, even by its standards. It’s easier and cheaper and better for ratings to scream about the weather like a little girl watching a horror movie, but that doesn’t do much for the rest of us. So the Wine Curmudgeon is putting local TV news on notice: You owe me. And I always collect.


2 thoughts on “Wine Curmudgeon to TV weather fear mongers: You owe me

  • By Brian B - Reply

    I worked in the Dallas area in the eighties, and recall a day that the forecasters predicted death, destruction and the general elimination of the human race the next day. They shut down the schools, shopping malls, etc, and not a single flake hit the ground. I even had some staff try to call out from work because of the “snow”.
    Nowadays, no excuse for such behavior. N.O.A.A weather is an incredible tool that we have at our disposal. They update constantly, and can hit the forecast quite accurately as the day wears on. Their “Hourly Weather Graph” is quite impressive.

    • By Wine Curmudgeon - Reply

      Thanks, Brian — I remember that forecast. I spent the entire day before the signing watching the radar, and nothing was coming into the area. But ratings win out, I suppose.

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