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Update: Wine for your wedding

wedding wineThe wedding planning cycle begins anew this month, and the Wine Curmudgeon is here to help. Check out the blog’s wine for your wedding post, featuring the legendary Mr. Sommelier. And remember, it’s your wedding — pick the wine you want and can afford, and don ?t worry about what people think. Anyone who goes to a wedding and complains about the wine probably shouldn ?t have been invited.

Wine and your wedding

Wine and your wedding

It’s your wedding — pick the wine you want, not what others force on you.

This is the time of year when brides-to-be start planning for next spring ?s weddings. And, since one of the most common questions that the Wine Curmudgeon gets from blog readers is about choosing wine for weddings, why not a post with just such advice?

Even better, I brought in two other experts ? wedding planner Linda Alpert of suburban Chicago ?s Affairs with Linda, and my old pal Mr. Sommelier, who has been doing this sort of thing even longer than I have been writing about wine. And, yes, that is a nom de plume, since Mr. S. has a day job and his bosses might not appreciate this gig. Our wedding wine wisdom is after the jump:

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