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Tom Paxton and a Bottle of Wine


Tom Paxton has been skewering the American conscience with such wit and precision for so long that he makes the Wine Curmudgeon jealous. One day, I hope I can come close to something like "Yuppies in the Sky" and its haunting refrain, "condos for sale, condos to buy."

Until then, while I redouble my Kickstarter efforts for The Cheap Wine Book, enjoy this, one of the Paxton classics (courtesy of AMSDConcerts on YouTube). Don't think he's too concerned about scores or wine talk, do you?

And Kickstarter? We're 53 percent funded with 11 days to go, which means it's crunch time. Pass the links along to anyone who might be interested:

? The Q&A explaining how Kickstarter works.

? The Kickstarter link.

? What the book is.



Update: The Wine Curmudgeon’s Guide to Cheap Wine

We ?re about one-third through the funding period, and not quite one-third funded. How can you help? Click this link or the widget in the upper left corner of the blog. That will take you to the Kickstarter site, where you can pledge as little as $25 to help publish the book — and get a copy, too.

The reception around the cyber-ether has been terrific. Said The Dallas Morning News: "… Jeff is one of our most trusted local voices on
wine. I love his curmudgeonly style. But behind that gruff posturing,
he knows exactly what he ?s talking about." I did an interview with Lynn Krielow at iWineRadio, and she was just as nice.

Plus this. And this. And even this. As one backer wrote to her friends, "This is going to be the best way to get the word out to everyone
about how wine should really be appreciated."

Finally, because there has been some confusion about Kickstarter and how it works, a quick Q and A:

? What happens if you don ?t get enough money through Kickstarter? I probably won't be able to write the book. Kickstarter is all or nothing; if I don ?t raise the $8,000, I don ?t get any money.

? How does this pledge thing work? You pledge money, and you ?re billed through your Amazon account (because, of course, everyone has an Amazon account in the 21st century). If I don ?t raise the $8,000, then you aren ?t billed.

? What ?s with the premiums? It ?s just like public television. Pledge a certain amount and get a gift. If you pledge $25, you get a copy of the ebook and a copy of the second edition of the ebook when it comes out. That ?s a fine deal, since the ebook will cost $9.95. Plus, there are pledge levels up to $500, with premiums that are even better (hint, hint).

? So all I ?m doing is buying the book before publication? Exactly. How painful is that, given that everyone reading this will buy the book anyway?

Writing is easy


Garry Trudeau, though a cartoonist, understands this writing thing. It’s especially applicable during Cheap Wine Book Month. We’re one-quarter of the way toward getting The Wine Curmudgeon’s Guide to Cheap Wine funded through Kickstarter, and I’ll have a longer update on Thursday.

How can you join the fun? Click on the link above or the widget in the upper left. That will take you to the Kickstarter site, where you can pledge as little as $25 — and get a copy of the ebook, too. Hopefully, we can get the book funded before the deadline, so I can focus on Trudeau’s four times a day bit. The other thing to keep in mind? If the book isn’t funded through Kickstarter, I probably won’t be able to do it.