One more reason why there’s no health news on the blog

The Wine Curmudgeon banned health news from the blog in 2009, after Italian researchers discovered that women who are drunk are easier to seduce. Did the world really need a study to know that?

Since then, I have remained ever vigilant. Wine, for some reason, has attracted the attention of researchers over the past decade in a way that ?s hard to understand. Let ?s cure cancer or AIDs; why all this fuss about wine?

The latest wine research that will make absolutely in difference in anyone ?s life comes from Rhode Island, where a study looked at the effects of red wine and vodka on pigs with high cholesterol. This raises so many questions that I don ?t even know where to begin: How do pigs get high cholesterol? They can ?t be eating too much fatty bacon or sausage, can they? Why vodka and not gin or bourbon?

The best part of the study? That moderate consumption of red wine and vodka may reduce cardiovascular risk, and that red wine may be more effective than vodka in doing so. I could have told you that, and the only medical degree I have is the one my mother wanted me to get.

So, once again, another reason to ban health news from the blog. We don ?t need research to know that drinking wine in moderation is a good thing; Julia Child was saying that 50 years ago.

(And a tip o ? the Curmudgeon ?s fedora to The Italian Wine Guy, who sent this item my way and whose sense of irony may be even more developed than mine.)


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    Nothing to do with the column, just wanted to say sorry about your team on Saturday.

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