Mini-reviews 61: McKinley Springs, Gordon Brothers, Fowles, Alamos

wine mini-reviews 61Reviews of wines that don ?t need their own post, but are worth noting for one reason or another. Look for it on the final Friday of each month.

? McKinley Springs Bombing Range Red 2010 ($15, sample, 13.8%): Ordinary Washington state red blend, made with more than half syrah, that has lots of cherry fruit that people of a certain age will buy for the World War II fighter plane label.

? Gordon Brothers Chardonnay 2012 ($15, sample, 13.7%): Washington state chardonnay that tastes, believe it or not, exactly like the back label says it does — apricot, pear, and buttery vanilla. A little much for my taste, but there’s a demand for this style.

? Fowles Sauvignon Blanc Are you Game? 2012 ($17, sample, 12.7%): Very nicely done white from Australia that is more California in style, with with lots of grassy aromas. The only quibble: Is it almost twice the wine of something like the Dry Creek fume blanc?

? Alamos Chardonnay 2012 ($13, sample, 13.5%): Grocery store chardonnay from Argentina (some oak, some green apple, and not much else) with a suggested retail price that’s almost one-third more than a typical grocery store chardonnay. Which says pretty much everything you need to know about the wine.


One thought on “Mini-reviews 61: McKinley Springs, Gordon Brothers, Fowles, Alamos

  • By Ray Dietz - Reply

    I’ve been enjoying the 2012 Dry Creek Fume for some months now although it’s a bit pricy in the Pa. Wine And Spirits system, even on sale.

    I was happy to see that some time ago you liked the 2013 Joel Gott. His 2012 was pretty special. Good to know I’ll be able to go to the 2013 this Summer.

    Geyser Peak made a very nice Calif. Sauv. Blanc in 2012 but their 2013 is only a shadow of the ’12.

    Thanks for the reviews :0)

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