How the cool kids find wine they like

How the cool kids find wine they likeThis is an incredibly clever graphical quiz from BuzzFeed that guides wine drinkers through the process of finding wine they will enjoy. What’s not to like about a system that asks your favorite emoticon, drunk text, and record album to help pick the right wine? Beats most of the advice from wine writers.

Having said that, some of us who didn’t grow up with 21st-century culture and smart phones, which emphasize pictures without text, might have trouble completing it. But a teenager should be able to help with the emoticons, and if you haven’t heard of “The Perks of Being a Wildflower” or “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter,” there is Hemingway. The section on pick a drinking buddy confused me: I don’t watch much TV, so I didn’t recognize several of the choices (though I did identify Beyonce). And what Toronto mayor Rob Ford, who gives new meaning to the term Great White North, was doing in the drinking buddy section was a puzzler.

How well it works is another story; the reader who tipped me to it said it sent her to malbec, which she tried and loved. The first time, it picked sweet riesling for me, which I enjoy, but not what I would have chosen. The second time it picked malbec, which I don’t much like, and insulted me in the process: “Your tastes are diverse but simple.” Maybe I need to bone up on emoticons. Or the quiz needs to refine its algorithm to include cava or rose.

Finally, how do I know that this process is hip and with it (besides that it’s on BuzzFeed)? The author, Justin Carissimo, blew off a couple of requests for an interview. It would have been nice to ask him how the quiz came about, and whether there is actually some science involved. No doubt he would have responded if I had been from Deadspin.


6 thoughts on “How the cool kids find wine they like

  • By Brian B - Reply

    The restaurants that utilize iPads for their serving staff should put this on as an app. Many diners would have better luck with this than asking their server.

    • By Wine Curmudgeon - Reply

      Did you do it, Brian? A friend of mine did it and got malbec, too. And he doesn’t like it much better than I do, though he said it didn’t offend him to be called simple.

  • By Blake Gray - Reply

    I also got Malbec!!!!! 😉 😉

    Of course in many questions all my potential answers were pretty dumb. #imjustsayinbeeyotch

    • By Wine Curmudgeon - Reply

      Who knew, Blake, that two of the most unlikely malbec drinkers in the world would get malbec? Perhaps that’s our deep dark secret. And who knew you were simple, too?

      • By Blake Gray - Reply

        I stipulate to being simple. Give me good food, good wine and a good baseball game and I’m happy.

        What candy did you choose when you got Riesling, and for Malbec? I chose the berry-flavored candies and I think that’s why I got Malbec. Of course the quiz writers assumed we’d all rather eat candy than anything not as sweet. It’s really an effective test for 12-year-olds.

        • By Wine Curmudgeon - Reply

          I did the turkey and the seafood. I think the seafood gave me the riesling, because I picked the same candy both times, the fruit slices.

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