Update: Final day for the Cheap Wine Book

This is the final day for the Kickstarter fund-raising period, and the project still needs $2,500. Thanks to those of you who have contributed, and you can still help by passing this link to friends who see a need for what we're trying to do. Or, as one contributor wrote: "This is going to be the best way to get the word out to everyone
about how wine should really be appreciated."

If you haven't contributed, know two things: If I don't raise the entire $8,000, I don't get anything, and I probably can't do the book. Second, you can contribute with a pledge of as little as $25. That gets you a copy of the ebook (and the second edition), which means all you're doing is buying the book before it comes out.

Here are the links that explain all:

? The Q&A explaining how Kickstarter works.

? The Kickstarter link.

? What the book is.


3 thoughts on “Update: Final day for the Cheap Wine Book

  • By Skip Coomber - Reply

    Good luck! I’ve signed up for $50 and posted it with nice comments on my personal FB site. Hope that you pull this off. If you don’t raise the money I would think that you should be able to self-publish for less. When I was looking to write my book it didn’t seem like it would be that expensive.

  • By Jeff Siegel - Reply

    Thanks, Skip. Feel free to pass the link around to your friends, and we can make this thing work.

  • By Skip Coomber - Reply


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