At long last, The Wine Curmudgeon’s Guide to Cheap Wine

The book is officially for sale in paperback and ebook editions from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Even the Apple version for iPad, iTunes, iPhone, and iPod exists. One request: Buy the paperback from the website, because I get the full price. If you buy it from an Internet retailer, I get $3.

Want to meet me? Then check out the 2013 Cheap Wine book tour, which begins Oct. 21.

Why should you buy the book? Or more than one copy? Because this may be the only wine book ever written that doesn’t have any pictures of grapes, vineyards, or romantic hilltop wineries, or lists of wine recommendations that are outdated even before the book is released.

Instead, it offers wisdom, pointers, and advice about how the wine business works and how you can use that knowledge to buy wine that you like without help from scores, the Winestream Media, or snotty wine drinkers:

? The difference between wine that’s cheap and wine that is made cheaply, and how that translates into value — something that is regularly overlooked in our score-driven world.

? The three questions to answer when you taste a wine: Did you like it? Why did you like it? And did you get your money’s worth? Answer those over a long enough period of time, and you’ll never need anyone else’s advice again.

? How to find a good retailer — one who is interested in helping you understand wine and to find what you like, as opposed to one who wants to sell you wine and could care less about the other.

And there is more than just the book. This cartoon (that’s the picture at the top of the blog that rotates) describes how the Winestream Media — facing the greatest threat to its existence — plots the “Wine Curmudgeon Conspiracy.” Also, this podcast, where noted academic and Missouri wine fan Rick Rockwell interviews me about the book. And this interview Lynn Krielow Chamberlain at iWineradio, where we talk about the book. And you can stream my visit with Tim McNally on his WGSO New Orleans radio show.




7 thoughts on “At long last, The Wine Curmudgeon’s Guide to Cheap Wine

  • By Steve McIntosh - Reply

    Hooray! And congratulations!

    • By Jeff Siegel - Reply

      Thanks, pal. I had my doubts, but it got done and looks good.

  • By Alexandre Raymundo - Reply

    Hi Jeff, I have recently discovered your website, I am enjoying reading it very much, it has great info! I hope we can begin to exchange some ideas! Thank you.

  • By Richard L. Thomas - Reply

    Hi Jeff, Are you sure we don’t share some relationship. The items listed in the front of your new book are the same things I have been saying for several years in my columns in NORTHBAYBIZ. How many times have I said that price is a function of availability, not quality. It feeds on the egos of those with more money than brains, but lets them say ‘Hey, I’ve got it and you don’t, haha” to his equally rich golfing buddy. Anyway great work! Some hope some industry folk read it also. The best part of Europe is the availability of good inexpensive wines. Thanks for your wisdom. Rich Thomas

    • By Jeff Siegel - Reply

      Thanks for the kind words, Richard. It means a lot coming from you.

  • By Jeri Phillips - Reply

    Hi Jeff. Congrats on the book release. enjoyed your talk at the El Centro “Vines and Wines” class recently.

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