Are you a wine snob?

wine snobThe cyber-ether has been abuzz with accusations of wine snobbery, and even Blake Gray — who recently shared a bottle of $10 South African chenin blanc with me — has been accused of snobbery. Trust me: People who drink cheap wine with the Wine Curmudgeon aren’t wine snobs.

All of this back and forth means it’s time to set the record straight. Note that wine snobbery doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with winespeak, scores or high alcohol. It’s much more nefarious than that. Hence, the Wine Curmudgeon’s eight questions to tell whether you’re a wine snob.

? Do you tell other people what to drink?

? Do you criticize other people when they drink wine that you’ve told them not to drink?

? Do you think wine quality is a function of price, and that all expensive wine is inherently better than cheap wine?

? Do you only drink certain varietals, like cabernet sauvignon or chardonnay, because other varietals aren’t good enough for you?

? Do you only drink wine from certain regions of the world, because other regions aren’t good enough for you?

? Do you know everything there is to know about wine, and aren’t shy about telling others how smart you are?

? Do you gladly share wine knowledge with others, or are you glad you know more than they do?

? Do you remember the last time you tried a wine you didn’t think you would like?

Answer yes to more than one of the first six questions, or a yes plus a no to the seventh or eighth, and there’s no doubt: You’re a wine snob.


One thought on “Are you a wine snob?

  • By Brian Burns - Reply

    Thankfully, I’m not in that club.

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